5 Questions with Ryan Stanley, the GM of Snow King Mountain Resort

(Jackson, Wyo.) – This year, there have been major changes to Snow King Mountain Resort. The organization recently replaced the Raferty Lift, added Snow King Mountain Sports and the Mountain Coaster is set to open in the fall. On top of that, the company just announced that they are beginning the planning for Phase 2, which includes a gondola, a restaurant and meeting space at the summit of the mountain, a telescope and observatory at the summit, ziplines, and more.

Governor Mead announces public meeting in Jackson to discuss updated energy strategy

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) – Governor Matt Mead has announced a series of public meetings to identify additional energy initiatives for Wyoming – two years after the state became the first in the nation to develop a comprehensive energy strategy with the release of Leading the Charge, Wyoming’s Action Plan for Energy, Environment and Economy. Since its release in 2013, more than three-fourths of the initiatives in that strategy have been completed.

The animals of the Teton County Fair

(Jackson, Wyo.) – The Teton County Fair offered tons of fun family activities, many of which included adorable animals. Visitors could see animals at the petting zoo, the 4-H animals in the barn, at the horse shows and at the rodeo. Here are our favorite animal Instagram pictures from the 2015 Teton County Fair: