Lodging tax passes, not as close as some thought

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Residents for a Sustainable Community, a pro-Lodging Tax lobbying organization, hailed the victory at the polls yesterday as a vote to funding critical government services.

The 2% lodging tax was renewed by voters for another four years by a 6,935 to 4,710 tally.

Residents for a Sustainable Community released a statement immediately following the tax renewal.

“We’re pleased that Teton County residents supported renewal of the Lodging Tax this evening with their votes,” said the group’s chair Tim Harland. “They recognize the important role the Lodging Tax plays in supporting critical government services and community programs, while ensuring visitors continue to pay for their impacts. Area locals are focused on finding solutions to address our challenges, and the Lodging Tax is one of those solutions. We’re very grateful to everyone who supported renewal of the Lodging Tax and to those who helped facilitate an important community conversation.”

Community and business leaders launched Residents for a Sustainable Community in the summer of 2018 to support and promote the renewal of the Lodging Tax by Teton County voters. Members include Tim Harland, Peter Long, Melissa Turley, Anna Olson, Mo Murphy, Karen Connelly, Rick Howe, Charisse Haws, Jeff Golightly, Fernando Ramos and Kent Elliott.

See the full 2018 Jackson Midterm General Election Results here.

Buckrail’s 2018 Midterm General Election results

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