Buckrail’s 2018 Midterm General Election results

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Here are the unofficial results from Teton County Clerk’s Office.

Names in red are winners in each race.

***All in, unofficial results***

Town Council
Jessica Sell Chambers1,812
Donald Frank1,628
Arne Olaus Jorgensen2,040
Jonathan Schechter2,178


Teton County Commissioner
Seadar Rose Davis (D)4,333
Mark Newcomb (D)6,128
Luther Propst (D)5,094
Mark Barron (R)5,013
Mary M. Martin (R)3,310
Andrew P. Byron (R)3,733
Wes Gardner (I)1,797
Sandy Ress (I)1,153


Lodging Tax


Teton County Sheriff
Matt Carr (D)6,603
Michelle A. Weber (R)3,452
Slade Ross (I)1,550


County Assessor
Melissa “Mel” Shinkle7,582
Maurine Karabatsos3,285


Teton County School Board
Holly H. Balogh3,022
Alan Brumsted5,266
Keith Gingery5,053
Nancy Porthan2,713
Janine Bay Teske4,257

Teton County results only for the following races…

State House District 22
Marti Halverson (R)510
Jim Roscoe (I)1,381


State House District 23
Andy Schwartz (D)3,358
Alex Muromcew (R)1,979


State House District 16
Mike Yin (D)2,530
Barbara Allen (R)1,712


Senate District 17
Mike Gierau (D)6,008
Kate Mead (R)3,631


Mary A. Throne (D)6,541
Mark Gordon (R)4,736
Lawrence Gerard Struempf185
Rex “T-Rex” Rammell207


US Senate
John Barrasso (R)3,833
Gary Trauner (D)7,691
Joseph Porambo220


US House District
Liz Cheney (R)3,843
Greg Hunter (D)7,373
Richard Brubaker298
Daniel Clyde Cummings88
The scene at Hole Bowl, unofficial election headquarters in Jackson.
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