High school and middle school students shine in history competition Jackson Hole Middle School School Buckrail - Jackson Hole, news

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Jackson Hole High School and Jackson Hole Middle School students had a strong showing at the Wyoming National History Day competition in Laramie earlier this week.

Of the 26 JHHS students and the 48 JHMS students who participated in National History Day programming, the following middle and high school students won the opportunity to represent the State of Wyoming at the national competition in Washington DC in June.


Jackson Hole High School National qualifiers:

1st Place, Individual Exhibit: Skye Eddy: “Compromising values in a Losing Conflict with Nature: Cannibalism and the Donner Party of 1846-47”

2nd Place, Individual Exhibit (alternate): Emmit Ross: “Anti-Immigrant Racism based on Business Manipulation: The Union Pacific Coal Company, the Knights of Labor, and the Chinese Massacre of 1885”

1st Place, Individual Website:KC MacLeod:“Inequality and the Failure of Compromise: The Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868”

2nd Place, Individual Website:Skyler LaRosa:“Defining a National Park: The Conflicting Ideas and Evolving Compromises of the Superintendents of Yellowstone National Park”

2nd Place, Group Website:Tilli Rossetti, Olivia Roberts:“Abandoning Compromise in the Pursuit of Glory through Conflict: the Fort Fetterman Massacre of 1866”

1st Place, Individual Performance:Hyla Chatham:“Compromise Through the Fence: Alan Simpson and the Immigration and Reform Act of 1986”

1st Place, Group Performance:Ally Smith, Charity Russell:“Compromise, Not Conflict: The Inadvertent Women’s Rights Movement of the Jackson All Women Council of 1920”

3rd Place, Individual Documentary (alternate):Annika Peacock:“Compromising Democracy when Faced with Fear: The Loss of Citizenship Right at the Heart Mountain Relocation Camp, 1942-1945”


Jackson Hole Middle School National Qualifiers:

1st Place Group Documentary: Brooklyn Hill, Kate Frederick, Hannah Freeze “World Women’s Gaes – Alice Milliat’s Revolutionary Creation”

2nd Place Group Documentary: Ben Blount, Dillon Hanna, Lachlan Brown “The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo: Chaos out of Order”

1st Place Group Exhibit: Addy Robertson, Ella Nash, Sydney Wilmot “Japanese American Internment Camps – A Government Balancing Act?”

1st Place Group Website: Brandon Brazil, Joe Zolik “Rich Man’s War, Poor Man’s Fight: The New York Draft Riots of 1863”

1st Place Group Dramatic Performance: Virginia Girling, Riley McFarland, Natalie Joralemon “Old Deluder Statan Law, Common School Movement, No Child Left Behind Act – Reforms to Create a Greater American Public School System”

1st Place Individual Documentary:Colin Reese “The Berlin Airlift – To Save the Starving City”