Your chance to own a piece of Wyoming history

WYOMING – How would you like to own a piece of Wyoming history — without the felony charge, of course?

The Wyoming Department of Transportation is holding an online auction for two 4-by-8-foot aluminum “Welcome to Wyoming” signs featuring the Grand Tetons. The signs feature the Tetons as the background image, with the bucking horse and rider and the words “Forever West” in the foreground.

“These are the last known state line signs to exist from that vintage,” said Joel Meena, state traffic engineer. “These have the potential to appeal to a collector because they’re unique. Rarely do you see a state line sign that is as colorful and scenic as Wyoming’s. We have led the nation on the look and feel of our state line signs.”

Those interested in placing a bid will need to do so by August 5. The first sign auction ends at 8:30 am on Aug. 5. The second sign auction ends at 9:30 am on Aug. 5. Staggering the ending times gives people a chance to get their bids in if they missed the first one.

And fear not. Neither of these signs has bullet holes or bird poo on it. Department employees recently discovered the last two signs in storage, so officials decided to hold another auction for those as they did in 2017 for what they thought was the last of a discontinued campaign.

The two signs come from the northwest part of the state, are in like-new condition and were never used on the roadside. “They’re both in excellent condition,” said Jeff Madden, WYDOT warehouse manager.

WYDOT previously auctioned five 4-by-8-foot signs featuring the Tetons during the summer of 2017. Those signs were posted at different parts of Wyoming at the state line. That auction raised about $33,000.

The money raised from this auction will go back into the department’s road improvement fund, just like it did for the 2017 auction.

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