Wyoming could soon get digital driver’s licenses

WYOMING — The Wyoming State Legislature will consider a bill in 2020 that would create digital driver’s licenses and identification cards.

The digital ID cards would exist in addition to, not as replacements for, physical licenses. Licenses and ID cards could be stored on a mobile device “to be viewed or verified by a person to whom access is allowed,” the legislation reads.

Oil City News reports that digital licenses would cost $20 in addition to the cost of a physical license. A digital ID card would cost $10 in addition to the cost of a physical card.

The bill clarifies that a digital license is only valid as long as the driver’s physical license is valid. Drivers can “digitally display” their licenses to law enforcement officers, but that does not give officers permission to take the mobile devices or search them.

If passed, digital driver’s licenses could generate an additional $640,000 per year beginning in fiscal year 2021 for the state’s highway fund, Oil City News reports.

The proposed legislation is sponsored by the Joint Transportation, Highways & Military Affairs Interim Committee.

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