Christy Thomas steps into the director role after serving as assistant program director with Climb for the past five years. Photo: Climb Wyoming

JACKSON, Wyo. — Climb Wyoming announced Teton Area program director Rosie Read will be stepping down, replaced by Christy Thomas.

Read has held the position for two years but is moving on to launch a new phase of her career as an immigration attorney with the ACLU of Wyoming. In her time with Climb, Read helped change the future for many low-income single mothers and their families through Climb’s career and job placement model.

Most recently, Read’s innovative leadership helped the Teton team develop a virtual job training program—instituted because of COVID—that is now serving as a best practice model for other programs nationwide.

Read’s replacement is no stranger to the organization. Christy Thomas has served as assistant program director for the past five years. Thomas has a master’s degree in social work and extensive experience working with families in poverty.

Climb Wyoming also welcomed JJ Healy to its board of trustees. Healy is a technology industry veteran. Prior to founding Healy Capital, he was vice president of corporate development for Yahoo! Inc.

Tech industry magnate JJ Healy joined the Climb Wyoming board. Photo: Climb Wyoming