Rep. Andy Schwartz (L), Dr. Gillian Chapman (R)

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – With so many concerned about education funding during a time of state-level budget cutting, a special information meeting has been scheduled to help families stay in the loop.

Rep. Andy Schwartz and Superintendent of Teton County School District #1 Dr. Gillian Chapman will be on hand Wednesday, August 29 to address concerns about school funding. The event will be in the Ordway Auditorium at the Teton County Library.

Schwartz is a House Representative for HD23 and a member of the Joint Appropriations Committee. In lieu of an official ‘campaign,’ Schwartz is holding an informational series that this time around focuses on “The State of Wyoming: Education.”

“We’ve heard many questions about school funding from our local families and asked Andy to join us for a special session to specifically address educational funding in Teton County, Wyoming,” Chapman said.

Chapman brings extensive experience navigating changes in the local school budget, balanced with the needs of our public schools.

This event is being organized by Teton County Education Foundation. Since 2008, TCEF has stood in the gap between the district’s core budget and additional initiatives like STEAM, classroom grants, and live performance funding.