Top-selling Walmart items by state. (Walmart)

WYOMING – It’s no secret we in Jackson are a long way from the nearest Walmart. With the iconic big box department store serving as a brick-and-mortar symbol of (shopping) civilization for some, we at Buckrail found a recent USA Today tech review story particularly insightful.

Yeah, there’s virtual one-click shopping available at the great Amazon, et al, but sometimes we need to satisfy our bulk-buying habits by stuffing the Outback full of paper towels and toilet paper at one of the state’s 12 Walmart Supercenters and two Sam’s Clubs.

When at a Walmart, Wyomingites head straight for this item—Freez Pak reusable ice—purchasing it more than anything else at the retail giant. (Walmart)

Just what do Wyomingites buy most frequently when they find themselves at a Walmart? From Google ChromeCast, Instant Pots, and Crayola crayons—Reviewed tabulated the most purchased products at Walmart by state according to 2018 sales data from the retail giant itself.

The two most popular items overall were the Ozark Trail 20-Ounce Tumbler and Crayola Crayons, tied for being the top-selling item for eight states a piece.

Paper towels were another big seller, topping the list for Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. Toilet paper was the hot item in Washington.

The Instant Pot, which some consider an adult version of an Easy Bake Oven, was popular in Arkansas, Hawaii, Iowa, and Utah.

Tech items didn’t lead the list this year, but the Google Chromecast was most popular in Delaware and Florida, the Nintendo Switch in California, and the Dell 15.6″ HD Touch Screen Laptop in New Hampshire. Connecticut shoppers bought a lot of copies of “Avengers: Infinity War” on Blu-ray.

Nevada brought the heat with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Puffs as its top item and three states—Minnesota, Montana and South Dakota—preferred waking up with Folgers Coffee.

And Wyoming? We were truly unique, preferring Freez Pak Reusable Ice for our frequent camping/hunting trips.  No other state made this its top purchase.

Walmart top items by state. (Walmart)