St. John’s Church hosts mindfulness retreat

JACKSON HOLE, WYO –For the third straight year, Dr. Pittman McGehee and The Rev. Jimmy Bartz team up for a ‘Mindfulness’ retreat, January 12, from 9am – 3pm. Pittman is a licensed psychologist with a private practice in Austin, Texas. He’s a Certified Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) and Compassion for Couples (CfC) Teacher. He also happens to be best buds with the Reverend Jimmy Bartz.

Pittman McGehee (Courtesy)

If you find that creeping anxiety interrupts your peace of mind, this is a day built for you. Pittman and Jimmy will spend the day focusing on laying the groundwork for spiritual practices that support us living a whole and integrated life during an age where anxiety permeates our day-to-day experience.

Along with refreshing our approach to mindfulness and self-compassion practices, Jimmy and Pittman will offer insight into other tools that help to ground us and center us. Some special attention will be given around interpreting these practices for children, too, for those who are parents or grandparents. The rhythm of the day will include a conversant teaching setting with plenty of time for questions and trial of practices.

In 2018, the duo offered a retreat entitled, Care of the Soul: Comprehensive Practice and Support for a Flourishing Life. The day focused on six beats of Truth, Awareness, Struggle, Love, Connection and Practice with each topic connecting to a color. At the end of the session, participants were asked to create a bracelet with a few colors of thread from the topic that influenced them the most.

Rev. Jimmy Bartz

Attendees were urged to wear the bracelet while anchoring to these concepts in everyday life as a reminder until it naturally falls off.

Bartz says this on the topic of struggle, “Conflict is a normal part of struggle. I come from a family of yellers!” The retreat this year will focus on Spiritual Practices for the Whole Life in an Era of Anxiety.

“Every dark cloud has a silver lining. We know the importance of struggle. This is the impetus for change,” says Dr. McGehee.

The congregation of St. John’s has already started practicing mindfulness during the season of Advent in preparation for Christmas and the New Year. The parish was gifted zipper pulls on the first Sunday of Advent that read “Present” – this little tool would help them embrace the season. Advent and the run up to the holidays collide each year imposing certain challenges to our ability to stay focused and open. Sometimes the rush and crush of the holidays can overtake and obliterate our ability to celebrate our nearness to the lives of those we love.

Please RSVP on the website or call the church office at (307) 733-2603 to reserve your spot, there will be a one-hour lunch break at noon.

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