Rollover at Curtis Canyon results in DUI

JACKSON, Wyo. – At around 10 pm on June 1, authorities got a call for a rollover that had occurred at the bottom of Curtis Canyon.

The vehicle had rolled a couple of times, leaving the driver trapped in her car until deputies reached the location. There was only one occupant in the car who refused medical treatment when EMS arrived.

After refusing medical treatment, authorities gave her a field sobriety test which she failed and was then charged with a DUI.

With an increase in campers this time of year it is important to make good decisions for the safety of you and others in Curtis Canyon.

“It’s not a paved road, there are loose rocks and people get overconfident in their driving,” Lloyd Funk, Teton County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant, explained. “Be sure to drive defensively, watch out for the other drivers, and concentrate on the road. This road doesn’t have guardrails like a highway, which makes it equally as dangerous. A lot of people go up there to camp and have a few drinks, which is fine, but if you decide to drink you have to make good decisions.”

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