Pet of the Week: Meet Gracie

How is this gem of a gal not with her forever family yet?

Gracie, a resilient two-year-old leggy hound, was brought to the Jackson/Teton County Animal Shelter in December by PAWS of Jackson Hole’s Pilot Rescue Program. She was rescued from a neglectful/ abusive situation within our region. She had six puppies when she came on our radar and was being kept outside, unfed, and all she wanted to do was be a mother. Thankfully, some friends got her and her puppies out of her home and allowed her to be the fantastic mother she wanted to be. All six pups are in loving forever homes and Gracie is enjoying being responsibility free. All she needs now is a home of her own.

Gracie is an active and affectionate gal who loves to be part of a crowd. Call the shelter at 307-733-2139 to learn more about Gracie.

Community Partner:

PAWS of Jackson Hole

PAWS of Jackson Hole’s mission is to serve as a community resource to prevent pet homelessness, to protect pets from harm and suffering, and to promote responsible ownership

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