Weight limits implemented for ‘deteriorating’ Snake River Bridge

JACKSON, Wyo. — A recent safety inspection of the Snake River Bridge in Wilson has prompted state highway officials to implement weight limits to protect the bridge until it can be replaced.

Wyoming Department of Transportation found the Snake River Bridge on WYO 22 near the intersection of WYO 390 is showing additional signs of deterioration. As a result, WYDOT has implemented load limitations and overall weight maximums for various trucks.

  • For single unit trucks with 2-3 axles, the gross vehicle weight (GVW) is restricted to 20 tons, or 40,000 lbs.
  • For single unit trucks with 4-5 axles, the gross vehicle weight (GVW) is restricted to 25 tons, or 50,000 lbs.
  • For single unit trucks with 6 or more axles, the gross vehicle weight (GVW) is restricted to 31 tons, or 62,000 lbs.
  • Semi-trailer and truck/trailer combinations will be limited to 36 tons, or 72,000 lbs. Drivers should note that WYO 22 Teton Pass is restricted to vehicles weighing less than 60,000 gross vehicle weight (GVW).

Bridges are inspected every two years to make sure they are in working condition and to note any potential repairs. Data collected in the inspection is used in WYDOT’s bridge management system to help prioritize work across the state.

The Snake River Bridge is currently in the planning phases of construction and is set for replacement starting in spring of 2023.

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