Buy at new pair of ski boots from Hoback Sports and save 15% on custom footbeds. Photo: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

JACKSON, Wyo. — If you’ve ever worn a pair of ski boots that doesn’t fit right or been on a chair with someone whose boots fit poorly, you know how quickly foot pain can ruin a day on the slopes. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, the best ski days ever start at the bottom — at your feet.

Hoback Sports understands exactly how important the entire ski boot fitting and buying process can be. That’s why from now until Nov. 21, Hoback Sports is offering an early season bootfitting special.

Get ahead of the season and save 10% on bootfitting services, 15% on footbeds with the purchase of new boots, and 40% on all last season’s ski boots. Hoback Sports carries the best brands in the business.

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How it works:

If you’re buying a new pair of boots, Hoback Sports recommends bringing your previous boots (if you have them) and the socks you wear while skiing. Plan on spending at least half an hour with their expert bootfitters to narrow down your options and choose the best boot for your needs.

After working together to find your perfect boot, Hoback’s bootfitters will start the customization process. This can last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on the modeling available in the boot’s liner/shell, whether techs are creating a new footbed, whether you’re upgrading to a custom Intuition or ZipFit liner, and if you’re adding any other accessories to the boot.

All new boots purchased with a custom footbed are also backed by a boot fitting guarantee. This means Hoback Sports will guarantee the fit of your boot and will perform any number of modifications to the boot for free during the first season the boot was purchased. The footbed is required as it is the foundation for our boot fitting method. It helps stabilize your foot in your boot, which will solve many problems on its own but also enable us to be precise with any additional work that is necessary. Hoback Sports believes in footbeds so much, they’ll even give you $50 off a footbed with any ski or snowboard boot purchase!

The bottom line: Hoback Sports wants to provide the absolute best experience possible and is willing to spend as much time as it takes to create a custom ski boot for you.

Call 307-733-5335 to make an appointment with one of Hoback Sports’ bootfitters.