JACKSON, Wyo. — Andy Schwartz today announced he will run for reelection as the representative for House District 23 in the Wyoming Legislature.

Schwartz acknowledges the timing—the middle of a global pandemic—as less than ideal but points towards the work ahead to support citizens, businesses, and local governments in recovery from COVID-19 impacts as a big reason to get back to Cheyenne. Seasoned leadership will be essential, Schwartz says.

“Working in Cheyenne, for the residents of Teton County, has been one of the most gratifying and challenging endeavors of my life. The challenges will be even greater in the next two years,” Schwartz said. “My experience as a long-time business owner in Jackson, 12 years as County Commissioner, and now three terms in the Wyoming Legislature gives me the seasoned leadership we need.”

Schwartz was a committee member of the House Appropriations, Select Committee on Capital Financing & Investments, Select Committee on School Finance Recalibration, and State Retirement Board Liaison. He sponsored three bills in the 2019 session—Wyoming public lands day, Medicaid-work requirements and expansion, and property tax refund program-amendment.