JACKSON, Wyo. — The unofficial results are in and all 15 SPET propositions, totaling over $166 million, passed yesterday. Twelve measures had a margin of over 2,00 votes.

The closest margin was item #7, Town of Jackson sidewalks and pedestrian accessibility, with a difference of 1,159 votes. The proposition requests $3 million to improve walkability and accessibility in the Town of Jackson. Projects might include installing sidewalks, updating accessibility for ADA compliance and bike safety to name a few. Specific project locations were not identified in the application.

The item that had the most support was proposition #15, $10 million in funding for Teton County water quality projects.

On Oct. 18, the Teton County Commissioners approved a petition for the formation of the Hoback Junction Water and Sewer District.

According to the application, funds will be used for the Hoback Junction Water and Sewer System, the Kelly Water and Sewer System, the completion of the Wilson Sewer District and residential septic systems that need replacement. it is estimated that 2,000 small wastewater facilities exist in the county and about 11% of those require immediate maintenance and about 50% will need to be replaced in the next five years and will require financial assistance.

In October, Teton County Treasurer Katie Smits told Buckrail that funding for the 2019 SPET propositions are expected to be fully allocated about a year from now, in December 2023. Funding for these 2022 SPET items will likely begin in January 2024.

Smits is tasked with creating a distribution schedule and allocating funding monthly based on the SPET collections, sourced from an additional one-cent of sales tax in Teton County on most goods and services, excluding unprepared foods. SPET collections are estimated at $21 million annually.

The outcome of the SPET ballot is available here.

Lindsay Vallen is a Community News Reporter covering a little bit of everything; with an interest in politics, wildlife, and amplifying community voices. Originally from the east coast, Lindsay has called Wilson, Wyoming home since 2017. In her free time, she enjoys snowboarding, hiking, cooking, and completing the Jackson Hole Daily crosswords.