Your SPET vote can secure a home for Jackson Hole’s history

JACKSON, Wyo. — The Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum (JHHSM) has been proudly telling the stories of Jackson Hole for over sixty years. Their education, research, public programs, and exhibits have helped preserve and share many of the unique histories that define Jackson Hole as a place.

Right now, the JHHSM is working to build a new campus and relocate to a permanent home, as their current locations (105 Mercill Avenue, North Cache, and the original museum on 105 North Glenwood) are all leased and unsustainable in the foreseeable future. The organization hopes to build a new campus on the now-protected historic Genevieve Block. Thanks to the “Save the Block” campaign, the Jackson Hole Land Trust, and a special anonymous “angel” family, the JHHSM has the opportunity to purchase the southeast corner of this property to continue the preservation of the historic block, consolidate JHHSM’s historical treasures, economize its operations, offer community exhibit and meeting space, and create a physical reminder of and connection to Jackson’s unique cultural heritage in the heart of downtown.

To do this, JHHSM is seeking $4.4 million in funding through a SPET (Specific Purpose Excise Tax) initiative that will be voted on November 5 of this year. The money will be matched by an additional, privately-raised $4.6 million to support the project. Specifically, these funds will go toward purchasing the land, physically relocating historic buildings to the new campus, transporting thousands of artifacts, and creating an attractive, unified campus.

To help JHHSM reach this goal, the SPET ballot must be passed by a majority vote. This means voting YES to the SPET Proposition #8 on November 5th or by absentee ballot starting today through November 4th to help build A Home for Our History.


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