Housing Mitigation Requirements Update

You spoke… 6 Public Comment Events. 2 Surveys. 813 Participants. Here’s what we heard from the community over the past year:

  • We have an affordable housing problem. Housing mitigation requirements should be used to help.
  • Providing affordable, local housing for employees should be part of the cost of doing business in this community.
  • The cost of providing affordable housing should be spread across all types of development.
  • All types of development generates employees. How much affordable housing provided should depend on the number of employees generated.
  • Affordable housing programs should focus on housing year-round, full-time employees.
  • Seasonal employees can be housed through market solutions.

We listened… These are the major mitigation requirement updates that will keep our community special:

  • All types of development will be required to provide housing based on the number of year-round, full-time employees generated by the development.
  • The amount of housing required will account for the ability of employees to afford market housing.
  • The mitigation requirement updates are paired with updates to zoning allowances and incentives to encourage the market to provide workforce housing in Town.

What are we doing?

Teton County and the Town of Jackson are updating the community’s Housing Mitigation Requirements. Mitigation requirements refer to how much affordable housing new development must provide to house the employees who cannot afford market housing that are generated by the development. The new requirements will go into effect this summer.

More Information: https://www.engage2017.jacksontetonplan.com/




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