Wyoming won’t hand over voter data to feds

WYOMING – Wyoming has officially refused to cooperate with a federal commission investigation on possible voter fraud, citing federal overreach. The state joins at least 20 others that have also refused to hand over voter information.

Secretary of State Ed Murray issued a press release today saying he has complete faith in Wyoming’s election process and doesn’t trust the feds need for the information they requested. He declined to provide the Presidential Advisory Commission on Voter Integrity’s any of the state’s voter information.

“I am going to safeguard the privacy of Wyoming’s voters because of my strong belief in a citizen’s right of privacy. Furthermore, I believe elections are the responsibility of the states under the United States Constitution and I do believe this request could lead to a federal overreach,” Murray stated. “Finally, in reviewing the Commission’s request, I am not at all convinced that it has clearly stated its purpose is connected to the information requested.”

Murray continued, “Wyoming’s elections are secure, fair, transparent and well-run. I assure every Wyoming citizen that I will safeguard the privacy of Wyoming’s voters while continuing to uphold and protect the integrity of Wyoming’s elections.”


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