Wyoming Wildlife Federation reminds drivers to share road with wildlife

JACKSON, Wyo. — The Wyoming Wildlife Federation (WWF) shared a story on their social media today of the impacts drivers have on Wyoming wildlife.

Last Friday, artist, Jenny Reeves Johnson witnessed her own experience of the importance of sharing the road and improved wildlife crossings.

While going to take a photo of golden eagles on a road-killed cow elk, she found three moose trying to cross the busy highway near South Pass.

Between semi-trucks and passenger vehicles speeding down the steep grade, or trying to keep their speed up, the moose were attempting to time their crossing.

“Luckily, this story ends up with no humans, wildlife, or vehicles harmed,” WWF said. “But it serves as a great reminder to the importance of not only improved roadway crossings for wildlife, but also consciously Sharing the Road as drivers.”


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