Wyoming Secretary of State wins award for website

WYOMING – Wyoming just won a slick techie award that will likely go unappreciated by most of its citizens…until they need it.

The National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) Administrative Codes and Registers section honored the state-of-the-art Wyoming Administrative Rules website with the Robert J. Colborn Innovation Award at the NASS 2017 Summer Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Secretary of State Ed Murray and the Office of the Secretary of State’s Technology Director, Andrea Byrne, accepted the award.

“Wyoming is a state of many firsts—including the first national park and the first state to grant women the right to vote. My office also strives to be first in terms of ease and accessibility for Wyoming citizens and businesses. By being on the frontier of cutting red tape, Wyoming has achieved an award winning, streamlined, and transparent rule making process,” Murray said after receiving the award.

The website is maintained by the Secretary of State’s Office. It offers word search capability and eliminates the paper-based delivery system for rules used in the past. For instance, suppose your dentist just dumped you as a patient in the middle of a root canal procedure. Can he do that? Look it up.

The Colborn Award annually recognizes a program that demonstrates creativity and innovation in providing public access to, or managing, administrative rules. It honors the state agency that has made substantial contributions to the flow of information to the public by improving efficiency and delivery of services to citizens, businesses and other governmental entities.

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