Wyoming Legislature hits makes the turn, halfway home

WYOMING – Today is ‘turn-around’ day at the Wyoming Legislature, otherwise known as the day dozens of bills die quietly because the clock has run out.

House Majority Floor Leader Eric Barlow and Senate Majority Floor Leader Dan Dockstader released the following statements today, marking the approximate halfway point for the General Session of the 65th Wyoming State Legislature, and the last day for bills to be reported out of their house of origin.

“As a citizen legislature, we have a finite amount of time during the legislative session to consider bills,” Barlow said. “As Majority Floor Leaders, we work hard to ensure every lawmaker has the chance to bring to light the issues they feel are important while prioritizing bills reflective of the shared priorities of lawmakers. This includes financial stability for our General Fund and school obligations, efficient government operations, fortifying economic opportunities with education for our children and job training for our workforce, healthcare options that improve access and affordability and, finally, clearing the way for our core industries to thrive.”

As has become the norm, the legislature is faced with an ever-mountain number of bills introduced sometimes in the final days before today’s deadline.

A total of 499 bills were filed in the Wyoming Legislature this session, 326 in the House of Representatives, and 173 in the Senate. As of Monday afternoon, 291 bills remain active in the House and 137 files in the Senate. Wednesday, February 6 is the last day for third reading on bills in their body of origin.

“This session, there are many ideas that have been brought forth by members worthy of our attention,” Dockstader said. “However, hard choices are required and it is our job as leadership to remain focused on tackling the major challenges we face as a state. And while many of the bills we have considered this session will, of course, not all become law, they help facilitate important debate and discussions. I join Representative Barlow in commending all Members of the Wyoming Legislature for their hard work and dedication to this point. We look forward to finishing out this session strong and delivering real solutions for the people of Wyoming.”

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