JACKSON, Wyo. — First Lady Jennie Gordon’s Wyoming Hunger Initiative continues to evolve since its launch last month. The latest spinoff of the program comes from the hunting community with Food from the Field, a game meat donation program designed to help feed Wyoming neighbors in need.

Wyoming’s majestic landscapes offer hunters some of the best opportunities in the world; Food from the Field enables them to share that bounty. Partnering with the Wyoming Game & Fish Department, Wyoming Department of Agriculture, Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies, and meat processors throughout the state, the program streamlines game meat donation to food pantries across Wyoming.

“I am so excited to invite hunters to become part of a Wyoming solution to hunger,” First Lady Gordon said. “As an avid outdoorswoman and hunter myself, I know the opportunity to give back to our most vulnerable neighbors will be a rewarding one.”

The ultimate goal of Food from the Field is to utilize Wyoming resources to combat food insecurity. The program complements existing donation efforts around the state and the increased collaboration between these agencies offers a framework for more processors to participate. As part of the program, all deer, elk, and moose will undergo appropriate Chronic Wasting Disease testing to ensure safety prior to entering the food bank system.

“Hunters know as well as anyone the value of our wildlife and I invite them to share their successfully harvested game with their Wyoming neighbors,” said Brian Nesvik, Game and Fish director.

Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies will be organizing all donations to be distributed to food pantries across the state.

Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies Director Tony Woodell said, “On behalf of those Wyomingites fighting hunger, Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies thanks all who participate inFood from the Field. This game meat will nourish the bodies of many, and it will feed the hope they so desperately need.”

First Lady Jennie Gordon, an avid outdoorswoman and hunter herself, said she is excited about the opportunity the opportunity to give back to Wyoming’s most vulnerable neighbors. Courtesy Photo

To ensure longevity of the program, Wyoming Hunger Initiative will raffle off two Wyoming Game & Fish Department Commissioner tags to assist with processing fees of donated game. Hunters are invited to make a financial contribution to cover the cost of processing if they’re able; Wyoming Hunger Initiative will cover the remaining cost.

The first tag raffle is live Tuesday, May 19, and tickets may be purchased by visiting Wyoming Hunger Initiative’s website. The first raffle will remain open until 11 a.m. June 12.