Wolf researcher will unveil research findings, rare footage

JACKSON HOLE, WYO — The Jackson Hole Bird & Nature Club will present a very special evening with Kira A. Cassidy, Researcher on the Yellowstone Wolf Project. The presentation, entitled “A Year in the Life of a Yellowstone Wolf,” will offer a rare and exciting in-depth look at the lives of the wolves of Yellowstone.

Kira Cassidy. (Courtesy)

Cassidy will highlight how the seasons in Yellowstone National Park impact gray wolf natural history and behavior. Using over 24 years of data since wolf reintroduction, Kira will present new and surprising scientific results.

The program includes visual images and videos that have rarely been seen before, highlighting how the Yellowstone Wolf Project collects data on the gray wolf conservation success story in the world’s first national park.

Cassidy lives in Gardiner, Montana. She is a research associate with the Yellowstone Wolf Project where she started in 2007. In 2013, Cassidy completed a Master of Science degree through the University of Minnesota with projects focusing on wolf pack behavior, territoriality, and how elder wolves contribute to the entire pack’s success.

In her current position, Cassidy collects and analyzes data then publishes and presents scientific findings related to Yellowstone wolves, their interactions with other species, and their impacts on the ecosystem.

JH Bird & Nature Club Presentation. Tuesday May 14, 6-8pm in the Teton County Library’s Ordway Auditorium.

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