Value Jackson Award goes to Terri Schupman

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Terri Schupman is the Value Jackson Award Recipient for the Month of March.

Schupman is the utility manager for the Town of Jackson. She has been doing that job since 1982, making sure the town runs effectively and efficiently. And, according to last month’s award winner, Josh Frappart, Schupman does it all with an ever-present smile for everyone.

Frappart selected Schupman as this month’s recipient, saying, “If you haven’t spent much time around Terri I suggest you make it a priority. I have had the privilege on knowing Terri for a very long time. She is the basis of what the ‘values award’ means. You can’t find a more respected person who works hard every single day, and treats the public with the most professional level of service. She is the definition of what the Town of Jackson represents.”

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