Town fires police officer charged with domestic abuse

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. – The Town of Jackson announced today it has fired the police officer recently involved in a domestic abuse case.

Police Chief Todd Smith recommended the town terminate its employment contract with Jimmy Corona after a thorough internal affairs investigation that occurred as a result of an arrest on September 28, 2019.

“An event like this has the potential to damage the public’s trust, something we in the Jackson Police Department value highly and strive to maintain,” Smith said. “We invest significantly in our people and we set very high expectations of them both on-duty and off-duty. But we also recognize that police officers are people too, and just like the rest of us, they have personal issues and struggles in their lives that sometimes lead to conflict with those around them.”

On September 28, Jackson Police Officers responded to a call for service in south Jackson regarding an intoxicated individual. While in the process of responding to this call, the officers heard a disturbance in the vicinity. One of the officers, a Jackson Police Department supervisor, deviated from the original call to investigate the origin of the disturbance. The supervisor was able to locate the source of the disturbance a short distance away. Two subjects were found in the parking lot of the apartment complex engaged in a verbal altercation.

The Jackson Police Department supervisor immediately recognized one of the subjects involved in the disturbance to be Officer Jimmy Corona, an off-duty member of the Jackson Police Department. The responding Police Officers secured the scene and requested deputies from the Teton County Sheriff’s Office respond and assume jurisdiction over the investigation of the incident to avoid any potential conflicts of interest. As a result of the Sheriff’s Office investigation, Corona was arrested for charges related to domestic violence.

Corona was placed on immediate administrative leave with pay as the department began an internal affairs investigation, separate from any criminal investigation being conducted by the Teton County Sheriff’s Department.

Based upon the findings of that investigation, Operations Lieutenant Roger Schultz recommended termination of Officer Corona to Chief Todd Smith who, in turn, recommended termination to Town Manager Larry Pardee. Pardee made the final call to fire Corona.

Chief Smith added, “It’s hard at times, but those that choose this profession must hold ourselves to a higher standard and set the example for those we serve and do our utmost to uphold the public’s trust in our ability to provide for the health, safety and welfare of our community. The Jackson Police Department is committed to seeking justice for any and all victims of domestic violence, regardless of who the perpetrator might be or what job they may hold in our community, and especially those charged with protecting others.”

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