JPD officer arrested for assault

JACKSON, Wyo. — An officer with the Jackson Police Department was arrested Saturday night for domestic assault.

Jimmy Corona-Hernandez, 31, faces charges of false imprisonment and domestic assault. According to a statement from the Jackson Police Department, officers were responding to a call for service in south Jackson at around 10:30 p.m. Saturday when they heard a woman screaming. They found two subjects involved in a disturbance in the parking lot of an apartment complex and recognized one subject as Officer Corona.

Corona was off duty at the time. Police called the Teton County Sheriff’s Office to take over in order to avoid conflict of interest. Corona was arrested early Sunday morning.

Corona has been placed on paid administrative leave while JPD conducts an internal investigation. That’s standard procedure, said Lieutenant Roger Schultz, and is the most serious disciplinary act JPD can take short of termination until the investigation is complete.

“The Jackson Police Department takes the conduct of its officers seriously,” JPD said in a statement. “We hold them to a high standard for both their on-duty and off-duty behavior.”

Teton County Sheriff’s Office is also conducting a separate criminal investigation, and Schultz said the prosecutor’s office will likely request a special prosecutor.

Any further disciplinary action will depend on the results of the internal investigation, which can take anywhere from several days to several weeks, Schultz said. The internal investigation is not criminal – nothing Corona says in the internal investigation can be used against him in a court of law. But it also does not come with the same constitutional rights as a criminal investigation. “You don’t have the right to remain silent, we can compel you to speak,” Schultz said. And you can be terminated for choosing not to speak.

Schultz said it’s “ultimately about doing the right thing” for everyone involved: the community, the department, and Corona.

“I like the kid,” Schultz said. “I trained him. I watched him grow up in law enforcement. I wish the best for him whatever happens.”

The findings of the internal investigation will be presented to the Operations Lieutenant who will forward them on to the Chief of Police with recommendations regarding discipline or termination.

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