The Town Zoning: Districts 3-6 Updates

You Spoke… Over the past year, the Town of Jackson hosted 6 Public Comment events and 2 surveys to solicit feedback on the Town Zoning: Character Districts 3-6 Updates. Here’s what we heard from the community:

Here’s what we heard from the community over the past year:

  • Neighborhood character is important.
    • Neighborhoods with traditionally stable character should not change
  • Workforce housing is important
    • The Town Zoning Update is an appropriate way to provide workforce housing
  • More workforce housing is appropriate in the commercial and residential areas just South of the “Y”
  • Greenspace and wildlife connectivity needs to be improved throughout Town
  • Our Town should be more walkable, with improved pedestrian experiences

We listened… These are the major zoning updates that will keep our community special:

  • The new regulations protect Stable Neighborhoods by not increasing density in these areas.
  • The new regulations will increase workforce housing opportunities by permitting more multi-family residential in Town near the “Y” and in the residential core of Town (see map)
  • Workforce housing incentives will be incorporated in targeted zones (e.g, market housing bonus in exchange for deed restricted workforce housing)
  • Development potential in peripheral neighborhoods with wildlife habitat value will decrease (see map)

The Town is updating its zoning to achieve the community vision adopted in the 2012 Comprehensive Plan.
Zoning is the set of regulations that determine the size, location, and use of buildings in Town. The potential to provide more workforce housing is being added by shifting up to 1,800 units out of the County into Town.

The new zoning will go into effect this summer. More Information: 


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