Engage 2017: Housing & Zoning Updates

Here’s what we heard from the community over the past year:

Housing Mitigation Requirements
You said …that our community has an affordable housing problem. New development should provide housing for the employees it generates who cannot afford to live here. Housing your employee is part of the cost of doing business in our community. We listened. Our Updates require all types of new development to include affordable housing based on the number of year-round, full-time employees generated by the development.

Town Zoning & Parking: Districts 3-6 Update
You said… that our zoning updates should protect Stable Neighborhoods. We listened. The updates do not propose increases in density in Stable Neighborhoods.

You also said that workforce housing potential should be added in Transitional Neighborhoods located closer to shops, services, and jobs. And you said that our zoning updates should include incentives for building workforce housing and for meeting the Housing Mitigation Requirements. We listened. Our Updates add density near the ‘Y’, in the commercial core of Town, and in neighborhoods that already have a multi-family character. Our Updates also grant bonus square footage for building residential units. To get the square footage bonus, at least 1/3 of those residential units must be deed-restricted to the local workforce.

Housing Department Rules & Regulations
You said… that the affordable housing units managed by the Housing Department and funded by our Housing Mitigation Requirements should be equitably distributed to households who cannot afford to live in our community. You also said that it was most important to house critical service providers and long-time residents. We listened. Our Updates include a new weighted lottery that gives all applicants a chance to be selected for an affordable home. Critical service providers and long-time residents get more entries into the lottery and therefore have a better chance of being selected.

What are the results of these updates?

  • Requirements and incentives to provide affordable and workforce housing,
  • Appropriate places in Town to develop workforce housing (both required and incentivized), and
  • A more equitable process for selecting the tenants of Housing Department-managed workforce housing.

These projects will keep our community special. How?
By housing local workers locally, we maintain our sense of community. Workers who live locally have time to volunteer after work, spend money in our community, and participate in community events like Old Bill’s Fun Run. Nurses, policemen, and teachers who live in our community can still make it to work during road closures and weather events. Fewer workers commuting also means fewer cars on the road, fewer CO2 emissions, and fewer collisions with wildlife.

What are we doing?
The Town of Jackson and Teton County are carrying out four projects to keep our community special: the Town Zoning & Parking: Districts 3-6 Update, the Housing Mitigation Requirements Update, the Housing Department Rules & Regulations Update, and the Natural Resource Protections Update. Collectively, these projects are called the Engage 2017 Updates. 3 of these projects – the Town Zoning & Parking Update, the Housing Mitigation Requirements Update, and the Rules & Regulations Update are on track to be completed this summer.



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