The Many Reasons Why You Should Establish Paternity

Bringing a little one into this world can bring wonder, delight and a hope for the future. Along with the birth of this little bundle of joy, comes the responsibility to care for and support the child in life. For unmarried parents, one important step in doing so is to establish paternity.

The Wyoming Child Support Program highly recommends that all unmarried parents establish paternity as soon as the baby is born. Establishing paternity protects the mother, the child, and especially the father for the following reasons:

Father-Child Relationship

Paternity establishment ensures the child’s right to a legal, father-child relationship. This also reduces the possibility that a judge will deny the father custody or visitation, or other rights to which fathers are legally entitled.

Financial Support

Remember, regardless of whether the parents are in a relationship or want to continue a relationship with the child, each parent is responsible for providing support for the child. Establishing paternity will be essential if child support is pursued.

Medical Information

Establishing paternity enables the father access to any and all medical information and records on the child.

Secure the child’s benefits, such as:

    • Inheritance
    • Financial and medical support
    • Health Insurance
    • Social Security
    • Veteran’s benefits

Although legally establishing the father of the child may not seem an immediate priority; as you can see, it is a way to protect all parties (father, mother and child) and offer possible support and benefits for the child’s future.

It is recommended to file for paternity immediately following the birth, however, it’s never too late. Paternity can be established at any stage in the child’s life.

Say you’d like to look into filing for paternity. You’re likely wondering where to begin. Wyoming’s Child Support Program can help.

The WCSP’s sole mission is to promote the well-being of Wyoming’s children and families. Part of fulfilling this mission is to support parents in the process of establishing the legal father of a child, at a reasonable and more affordable cost than going elsewhere.

Establishing Paternity can be an arduous legal process. Let WCSP help you navigate that process and call them at or visit your local office. They would be happy to answer any questions you have.

Offices around the state:

Cheyenne: 307-635-3365 or 800-742-3092

Laramie: 307-742-2026 or 800-742-2926

Green River: 307-875-4725 or 800-742-3098

Sheridan: 307-672-2599 or 800-565-4502

Buffalo: 307-684-9011

Cody: 307-527-8840

Basin: 307-568-9329

Worland: 307-347-8927

Gillette: 307-687-1501 or 800-360-5220

Newcastle: 307-746-2311

Sundance: 307-283-1515

Casper: 307-235-9229 or 800-292-3219

Douglas: 307-358-0947 or 866-280-3719

Lander: 307-332-6380 or 800-996-6045

Arapahoe Tribe: 307-857-2436

Ft. Washakie: 307-335-8371

The Wyoming Child Support Program is a program of the Department of Family Services which exists solely to promote the safety, well-being, and self-sufficiency of families through community partnerships. The Child Support program is designed to use contract and county field offices, along with state personnel to provide a variety of services concerning the financial well-being and ‘support’ of Wyoming’s children.

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