The coolest Jackson Hole Instagram page you need to follow

JACKSON, Wyo. — You’ve likely seen Jackson Hole all over Instagram, but you’ve never seen it like this.

Wildly Creative’s Instagram showcases Jackson through the eyes of its artists, making it one of the most authentic and engaging accounts in or about town.

Wildly Creative is an initiative led by Center of Wonder and Center for the Arts, in partnership with the Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board. Its mission is to highlight Jackson’s vibrant arts scene and showcase Jackson’s creative community to the world.

Instagram is one of the strongest platforms for artists, but it takes time to manage. Wildly Creative uses its platform to leverage Jackson’s local creatives through weekly Instagram takeovers. With more than 3,000 followers, each Instagram takeover introduces the world to a different local artist and exposes that artist to a brand-new audience. It’s a win-win: artists gain new followers, and Wildly Creative’s audience gets to see Jackson through totally new eyes every week.

Local artist Shannon Marie Schacht knows first-hand how hard it is for artists to gain exposure. But Wildly Creative has made a measurable impact on her career. The last time she was featured on Wildly Creative’s Instagram, she gained 100 new followers.

“Every time we collaborate, I get new clients,” she said. “It’s well worth it.”

Like it or not, marketing and self-promotion are essential to success as an artist. Wildly Creative makes it easier and more accessible, Schacht said.

“We’re really lucky, as an art-loving community, to have Wildly Creative as an outlet to help build our success.”

Since the start of the campaign, Wildly Creative has featured more than 60 local artists, each with a unique vision for Jackson Hole. Wildly Creative meets artists where they are. Social media-savvy artists can take the reins during their takeover, or Wildly Creative can provide professional photography, strategy, and any other assistance an artist might require for a successful takeover.

So whether you’re an artist with something to share, an art aficionado, or just someone who loves Jackson Hole and wants to see it through new eyes, give @WildlyCreativeJH a follow on Instagram. You won’t regret it.

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Wildly Creative

We live at the intersection of Wild and Creative For generations artists, makers, creatives and explorers have found inspiration in the sweeping geographic and cultural panoramas of Jackson, Wyoming From visual and performing arts, to studio education,

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