High Country Linen (HCL) received a rebate check for their efficiency upgrades. After completing an energy audit, HCL completed a major efficiency upgrade and was also awarded USDA Grant funding. Contact LVE or ECW today to learn how your business can receive similar support. Photo: Courtesy of Energy Conservation Works

JACKSON, Wyo. — Energy Conservation Works (ECW) is encouraging local businesses to take advantage of low-cost energy audits and zero-interest loans to increase the efficiency of their operations.

Now through March 2022, Lower Valley Energy (LVE) is able to cover 75% of the cost of energy audits for Wyoming small businesses and agricultural producers, giving businesses solutions on how to improve operations, building health, and generate dollar and energy savings. A building audit is required in order to access ECW’s low-interest commercial loan program, so take advantage of the reduced audit costs while you can!

“We hope local businesses will jump at this opportunity to receive a deeply discounted audit and benefit from zero-interest loans to complete efficiency upgrades,” says Phil Cameron, executive director of Energy Conservation Works.

The Business Energy Audit Program has helped evaluate cost-effective technologies for LVE’s small commercial members to be more energy efficient over the past two years. This program was set to expire in March of 2021, however, due to COVID-19 restrictions, LVE was successful in receiving an extension on the program for an additional year.

“An energy audit can help you prioritize energy savings projects and estimate the simple payback,” says LVE Conservation Specialist Amy Walton. “Add a possible rebate from LVE and a low-interest loan from ECW, it just makes sense. I wish more commercial members would take advantage of this rare opportunity.”

If you own a small business and are currently exploring ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency, an energy audit is a very useful tool. By participating in LVE’s energy audit program, business members also have access to LVE Energy Efficiency Incentives, 0% financing through Energy Conservation Works, as well as grants and loans from the USDA Rural Development.

Three types of energy audits are offered:

  1. Focused Energy Audit: detailed technical analysis of a single energy efficiency project identified by the member. (For instance: A commercial kitchen has plans to replace a walk-in freezer)
  2. Demand Management Audit: opportunities to minimize peak loads and electricity demands. (For ‘large commercial’ accounts w/ a demand charge)
  3. Comprehensive Energy Audit: a high-level analysis of all energy efficiency opportunities. (For businesses seeking a broad baseline understanding of their energy use and opportunities)

Interested parties should contact LVE’s Conservation Specialist, Amy Walton, at 307-739-6045 or amyw@lvenergy.com for more information and to sign up.