JACKSON, Wyo. — Area climbers will soon be able to unite under a kindred banner as news this week of a new alliance may be just what the community has been waiting for.

Operating under the fiscal stewardship of The American Alpine Club, the Teton Climbers’ Coalition is coming together to celebrate the local climbing community, represent its interests, and ensure its legacy remains dynamic, inclusive and fun.

Since Jackson’s Enclosure climbing gym closed in 2014, community engagement has been limited to informal gatherings at the Teton Boulder Park, participation at The Town Pump summertime bouldering series, or the occasional event such as the Reel Rock Film Tour. The result has been fragmentation and a lack of synergy around issues and opportunities of interest to the community.

With the Teton Boulder Park under Teton County Parks and Recreation Department’s jurisdiction, the Ranger Boulder included in the Parks and Recreation master redevelopment plan for Phil Baux Park, and with the imminent addition of the new climbing gym and climbing boulder as part of the Rec Center expansion, climbing is poised to become a major component of Parks and Rec’s responsibilities.

The climbing community has been somewhat fragmented and lacking a united voice in the community. Photo: Christian Beckwith

It is the hope of organizers that the creation of the TCC will:

  • Form a liaison with Parks and Recreation that crowdsources the climbing community’s resources and passion to ensure a collaboration that benefits the entire community
  • Align and amplify existing efforts and initiatives related to Teton climbing
  • Harness an active constituency that can participate in the decision-making process and contribute to the advancement of matters relevant to Teton climbing
  • Cultivate a cross-sectional community of Teton climbers who can respond to emergent issues and opportunities
  • Promote a climbing ethos that fosters and is informed by a conservation ethic while promoting diverse, inclusive and next-generation engagement
  • Celebrate the past, present, and future of Teton climbing, and ensure the pursuit is accessible and inclusive to all

To introduce themselves to the community, the group is hosting the “We’d Rather Be Higher Happy Hour” on Wednesday, March 11, from 5:30- 7:00 p.m. at the Ski Fence House, 110 N. Millward St. In the honorable tradition of dirtbags everywhere, the event is BYOB.