JACKSON, Wyo. — In the process of preparing the 2023-2024 School Year Calendar, Teton County School District is seeking the public’s feedback on its proposed draft. For those interested in commenting, a form is open until Friday, Jan. 27.

The proposed calendar includes a modified approach to teacher in-service days for elementary students. Teacher in-service time provides ongoing professional development and collaboration opportunities.

The proposed calendar includes the following: 

Elementary School: A weekly one hour early release for all students in grades k-5 and would eliminate the current four Friday no school days. Currently, the day proposed for early release is Wednesday.  

Middle School: Four Flex Fridays (a reduction of three days from this year’s seven Flex Fridays) 

High School: Seven Flex Fridays (a reduction from this year’s ten Flex Fridays).  

The draft calendar and additional information about the rationale and goals of this calendar may be found in this presentation.

The calendar will not be finalized until the TCSD School Board votes on Feb. 8.

A calendar survey can be found online here and comments can be emailed to schoolboard@tcsd.org.