TCSAR responds to multiple weekend incidents

JACKSON, Wyo. — Teton County Search and Rescue came to the rescue once again after they responded to two separate incidents over the weekend.

Just past noon on Saturday, TCSAR was alerted to a boy who’d been injured in a horse accident up the Gros Ventre Road. The reporting party was able to reach dispatch with an emergency locator device, which set the rescue in motion.

TCSAR responded with ground and helicopter teams, with the ship reaching the patient first. The heli team assessed the boy’s injuries and packaged him inside the helicopter for transport to further medical treatment.

On Sunday, the team assisted GTNP rangers after being notified that a woman had broken her leg at Phelps Lake. Park rangers short-hauled her to further medical treatment.

“Such interagency missions are protocol for many rescues in the Jackson Hole area, and we are grateful for the partnership,” TCSAR said on social media.

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