TCD seeking participants in wastewater treatment study

JACKSON, Wyo. — Do you have a septic system? Do you want to play a key role in water quality research in Jackson Hole?

Teton Conservation District is embarking on a study to measure the wastewater treatment efficiency of residential septic system leach fields. Given growing concerns regarding the effects of wastewater on ground and surface water in our community, this monitoring study is designed to collect data to inform how we construct and manage residential wastewater systems in the future.

The district is seeking volunteers who own either a traditional leach field or a raised leach field that meet the following criteria:

  • The leach field is situated above relatively shallow groundwater (10 feet deep or less), to facilitate easier installation and sampling of groundwater monitoring wells.
  • Ideal sites will have relatively open space downgradient from the leach field for placement of monitoring wells.
  • Participation in the study will require Teton Conservation District staff and consultants to access your property to install up to nine small, two-inch diameter sampling wells. Well installation is planned to begin in April 2020.
  • Monitoring will occur at roughly monthly intervals for one year. After the study is complete, the sampling wells will be cut and capped below the ground surface, and the site will be returned to its original condition, unless otherwise agreed upon.

If you are interested in being involved in this community project and believe that your property is appropriate, TCD would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the importance and specific details of this study with you. Contact Suzanne Lagerman at Nelson Engineering: 307-733-2087 ext. 143, [email protected], P.O. Box 1599, Jackson, WY 83001.
You may also contact Teton Conservation District’s Water Resources Specialist and Associate Director, Carlin Girard, at 307-733-2110 or [email protected].

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