Alex Dewitz restocks a PAWS Mutt Mitt Station … Scoop the Poop! Photo: Courtesy of PAWS

JACKSON, Wyo. — PAWS of Jackson Hole’s Mutt Mitt Programs include 26 of the busiest Mutt Mitt Stations in Teton County and distributes over 150,000 FREE mutt mitts annually to locals and visitors.

Each week the Mutt Mitt Stations are restocked with mutt mitts and the bags filled with poop are emptied from the orange plastic containers. During a week in August, the crew went a step further and weighed each bag.

The 26 black plastic bags of poop contained 573 pounds of dog waste in one week. Now, multiply that by 52 weeks in a year and you get 30,000 pounds of poop! That’s great news … that is a lot of dog poop that is NOT going into our local waterways. Plus, it helps keep our trails and pathways clean and smelling/looking much better. Thanks to all of you who use these Mutt Mitt Stations!

A special thanks to our Mutt Mitt crew of Brian Upesleja and Alex Dewitz, it’s a dirty and very stinky job, but someone has to do it! Also, a ‘Shout Out’ to PAWS Jackson Poop Fairies, who remind dog owners to pick-up after their pets and educate them on how important scooping the poop is for our local environment.

Just a reminder. Please put only mutt mitts in the orange plastic containers that are labeled with PAWS logo. We continue to find trash in the orange poop containers – primarily drink containers and trash from people’s cars, vans and campers.

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