Photo: McKinzie Fink

Editor’s note: The following media may be graphic for some readers, discretion is advised. 

JACKSON, Wyo. — Jackson wildlife guide, McKinzie Fink, captured a video of some wolves taking out an elk on the National Elk Refuge earlier this month.

The National Elk Refuge holds the world’s largest elk population during the winter months. Because elk are wolves’ main prey in the winter, a few onlookers sometimes have the chance to see the raw and unfiltered action of the fight for survival on the refuge, which borders the northern edge of the town of Jackson.

According to the National Park Service website, wolves consume a wide variety of prey, large and small. They efficiently hunt large prey that other predators cannot usually kill. In Yellowstone, 90% of their winter prey is elk; 10–15% of their summer prey is deer and they also kill bison at times.

The video of the hunt can be seen in the Instagram attachment below.

Buckrail @ Jacob

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