Shed hunt still draws crowds

JACKSON, Wyo. — Despite a national campaign by the Jackson Police Department asking out-of-state shed hunters to stay home this year, many still lined up along the Elk Refuge early Friday morning.

“They still came,” Sgt. Michelle Weber of JPD said.

JPD asked all shed hunters to wait at the fairgrounds this year so they could monitor the number of people arriving and keep them contained.

“They began arriving at 7:30 a.m. yesterday and continued overnight,” Weber said at a COVID community update Friday afternoon.

The hunt did not open until noon, but JPD escorted a parade of vehicles from the fairgrounds to the entrance of the Elk Refuge. Weber said JPD counted 186 vehicles in the caravan. Roughly half of them were from out of state, “some from as far as Wisconsin,” Weber said.

Still, the new system garnered positive feedback and may be used again in future years to mitigate crowds. Weber reported an overall smooth day.

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