A semi-truck crossing the Red Bridge caused damage, resulting in the bridge's closure.

HOBACK, Wyo. — Friday morning, the historic Red Bridge and highway access to Astoria Hot Springs and the Snake River Sporting Club was damaged by a semi-truck that attempted to drive through it. The bridge is currently closed to traffic pending further evaluation.

A note sent from Astoria Park Conservancy to its patrons provided an alternate route to access the hot springs, saying:

We recommend that you take the approved emergency access route from Hoback Junction. To access this road from Jackson, proceed through the Hoback Junction roundabout toward Alpine, then take an immediate left onto Hoback Junction South Road, before crossing the bridge over the Snake River. If you’re driving from Alpine, you will pass the red bridge on your way to Hoback Junction, so your drive time will be about 20 minutes longer than normal.

After you have turned on this alternate access road, you’ll follow the paved road and cross the small bridge over the Hoback River. Continue to follow the paved road until it ends. At the fork, take a sharp right turn onto the single lane dirt road and follow it until you reach Astoria Hot Springs.

Please Note: This is a national forest road, and it’s 15mph max. There are sections of one-way traffic. Please be safe, use caution and respect the local residents. DRIVE SLOWLY! Please minimize the number of vehicles on the alternate road if possible, as it could greatly help to reduce traffic.

There is no further information on the extent of the damage at this time.

Damage done to the Red Bridge by a semi-truck Friday, June 4.