R Park and Village Road Coalition to install Moose art

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – A new reflective moose cutout is going up along Teton Village Road at R Park.

R Park has partnered with the Village Road Coalition to install the newest moose silhouette designed and created as part of a new Wildlife Crossing Initiative being launched through a partnership between local artist Bland Hoke and JH Public Art. R Park is a program of the Jackson Hole Land Trust. Village Road Coalition is an organization committed to public education and promotion of wildlife protection along our corridors.

Moose habitually cross all along the Highway 390/Village Road corridor in order to access this safe space with bountiful food, which makes the animals vulnerable to wildlife and driver interactions that have had deadly consequences for years.

Jr Rodriguez

The property that R Park now inhabits was formerly a commercial gravel pit. It was purchased in 2011 through a partnership with the Jackson Hole Land Trust, the LOR Foundation, and several other private donors. Over the past six years, the property has been successfully reclaimed from a gravel pit to a natural community park with an intentional focus on creating and improving critical moose habitat within the park for one of our community’s most majestic neighbors.

JH Public Art and Bland Design have created the Wildlife Crossing Initiative, which uses public art to decrease wildlife and vehicle collisions in Teton County. The initiative seeks to increase the number of reflective silhouettes sited in designated wildlife crossing corridors by developing a cost-effective design, increasing awareness of their availability, and partnering with private landowners to participate in this unique initiative.

The moose purchased by the Village Road Coalition is one of the first to be produced through this new initiative. JH Public Art and Bland Design are excited to provide an opportunity for R Park and the Village Road Coalition to partner together in an effort to safeguard the area’s wildlife population.

Big doings at R Park include a caretaker facility coming along nicely. (R Park)

“The Village Road is home to several Jackson Hole Land Trust protected properties, including Rendezvous Park,” said Jr Rodriguez, JHLT Community Conservation Manager/R Park Director. “Critical wildlife habitat is a priority for the Land Trust and keeping wildlife safe requires a level of awareness of the potential hazards surrounding our conservation properties, including busy roadways. We hope this art installation catches the attention of distracted driver and reminds everyone to slow down for the sake of all of our neighbors that live and commute along the Village Road.”

R Park is already home to several art pieces that are inspired by conservation. Local artist Ben Roth created custom bike racks that feature great blue herons, trout, and other wildlife. R Park’s benches point to its reclamation story. And ‘Flow,” a sculpture created and installed last summer by Thea Alvin, was inspired by the movement and serenity that nature provides at the park.

Art and conservation continue to have a symbiosis for the Land Trust.

“R Park is a community asset. Wildlife and art assists our community to thrive,” Robin Moyer with the Village Road Coalition said. “We are excited to work with Bland Hoke Design on this stunning, reflective moose silhouette and grateful that we could partner with R Park to secure a location for its placement.”

R Park is located at the intersection of Highway 22 and the Teton-Village Road (4270 River Springs Drive, Wilson).

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