Powered by Purpose: Silicon Couloir organizes Leadercast JH

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – “Without a doubt, you and your team (including your board) will be blown away with this shared leadership experience. It is an amazing and rare leadership development opportunity.”

That’s what executive director of Silicon Couloir says about Leadercast JH, the world’s largest one-day leadership conference, broadcast live from Atlanta.

To bring the conference home and make the event more engaging, Silicon Couloir has rounded up a local group of leaders they dubbed “caretakers” who will be in attendance. They include Will Morrow (Melvin Brewing), Jason Borbet [Borbay] (Artist/Entrepreneur), Kate Schade (Kate’s Real Food), Chas Marsh (JH Stillworks), Jessica Vandenbroeke (Healthy Being Juicery), Tim Wells (Sego Skis), Chris Agnew (Teton Science Schools), Maddy German (Singer/Songwriter/Entrepreneur).

The simulcast will feature top-name, thought-leader speakers Andy Stanley, Molly Fletcher, Jim McKelvey, Donald Miller, Jess Ekstrom, Daniel Pink, Suzy Welch, Henry Cloud, and Tyler Perry.

The event is themed around “Purpose”—the defining, driving, and empowering force behind what all leaders do. “How can our Teton regional community be Powered by Purpose?” Fitzgerald pondered. “Imagine what would happen if local business leaders, local non-profit leaders, and local government leaders developed a shared framework of leadership.”

“Creativity is for all, and purpose is abstract. So, what happens when we create collectively? We’re about to find out,” Borbet said.

The event will also include an interactive, attendee-created art project called “The Art of Leadership.” Maddy German will provide live music, signature cocktails will also be available from JH Stillworks.

The conference will kick-off on Thursday, May 4 with a Chance Meeting-style welcome reception at Hayden’s Post. The Leadercast Conference itself will take place on Friday, May 5 at Center for the Arts.  


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