Police Log: Recent Calls For Service

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Here are some recent calls for service in Teton County/Jackson from the dispatch log. Names may be withheld at the request of law enforcement. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges are subject to change following official filing from the Teton County Attorney’s Office.

01/11/2018 14:56:17
Fall on town property.

01/10/2018 16:35:30
Traffic collision.

01/10/2018 21:08:00
Vehicle collision occurred at the Y intersection when Vehicle 1 failed to yield the right of way during a left turn. Causing a two vehicle collision.

01/10/2018 22:22:00
Collision hit and run. Suspect located and cited.

01/09/2018 7:12:00
Property destroyed at a local hotel. Occupants later found and issued summons to court.

01/09/2018 8:24:00
Responded to report of graffiti on public property.

01/09/2018 15:26:00
Suspicious Circumstances: Under investigation.

01/09/2018 18:48:41
Battery between juveniles: Under investigation.

01/09/2018 19:03:00
Unknown subject left baggie of marijuana on a counter at a local establishment.

01/09/2018 20:12:00
Vehicle struck in parking lot. Other driver failed to provide proper information. No leads or suspects at this time.

01/08/2018 4:51:00
Male subject found asleep inside hotel lobby. Subject showed objective signs of intoxication. Arrested for PI.

01/08/2018 8:37:00
Female victim reported of a domestic abuse from husband. Husband has warrant for arrest, taken into custody. Female victim disclosed of a sexual assault that occurred a week prior.

01/08/2018 14:11:00
Delayed report of a hit and run collision. Believed to have occurred approximately 10 days prior. HELD per 713.

01/08/2018 16:50:00
Responded to a residence for potential drug use. Search warrant applied for, and resident issued a citation for possession of a controlled substance.

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Police Log: Recent calls for service
Police Log: Recent calls for service
Police Log: Recent calls for service
Police Log: Recent calls for service
Police Log: Recent calls for service
Police Log: Recent calls for service