Plenty of reasons to thank Teton County Search and Rescue. One easy way to do it.

JACKSON, WY— Accidents happen. If you make the call, Teton County Search and Rescue will be there for you.
Sometimes, even a lifetime of training and experience is no match for nature’s unpredictability. Teton County Search and Rescue gets that. Their team of volunteers work hard to do what the name suggests: search and rescue. Personal judgement is not in the job description – there’s no room for it in the position they’re in and they understand that accidents happen.

TCSAR volunteers are focused on the task at hand. Tasks like descending into Darby Canyon Ice Cave and searching for a missing couple for five hours to find them just in time—which they did just a few weeks ago. They had three more call-outs that same day.

Photo by Andy Bardon

TCSAR is fortunate to have such a reliable and committed group of volunteers. The team includes two MDs, one RN, four Paramedics, six EMTs, two OECs and 19 WFRs. If you’re injured in the backcountry, they’re the faces you’ll see coming to your rescue.

On top of the hundreds of hours they donate every year to rescuing and training, volunteers also teach backcountry safety classes and workshops for kids and adults in the community.

TCSAR volunteers are some of the valley’s most impressive heroes and we have a lot to thank them for. They couldn’t do it without our support. You can thank them and support the work they do with a donation to TCSAR Foundation through Old Bill’s Fun Run.

Donations help pay for advanced training, including medical training, for volunteers. Donations also pay for meals, equipment that keeps volunteers safe, mental health support and much more. Donate at

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Teton County Search and Rescue Foundation

Teton County Search and Rescue Foundation saves lives through direct volunteer support, community education and advocacy

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