Pet of the Week: Trax the miracle cat

Trax, a 2018 miracle.

Trax was found living outside and starving on December 30, 2017. Since then she has been in the care of Dr. Dan and the Spring Creek Animal Hospital, where she where she has received health care for mild diabetes and an abscessed tooth. Trax was the first 2018 PAWS MEDFUND recipient. She was given the temporary name of Trax because her rescuers initially saw only tracks in the snow before she came toward their arms from behind a sage bush. Trax weighs about 8 pounds and likely between 10 and 12 years old. She is very friendly, sweet and needs a calm and caring, safe, and warm environment for her elder years. Trax is currently resting and patiently waiting for her new family. If you are interested in giving this black beauty a caring retirement home, please call her fairy god-human Tracey at (307) 690-1897.

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PAWS of Jackson Hole

PAWS of Jackson Hole’s mission is to serve as a community resource to prevent pet homelessness, to protect pets from harm and suffering, and to promote responsible ownership

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