Pet of the Week: Meet Sweetie Pie

Photo: PAWS

JACKSON, Wyo. — Got a sweet tooth for pocket pibbles? Not many meaty men can pull off the name Sweetie Pie, but this canine confection of perfection is just THAT sweet! Sweetie Pie is a total staff favorite at the Animal Adoption Center, not an easy title to hold with the variety of incredible pooches that come through their program!

This sweetest puppy pie is looking for a home where he can rule your couch, heart, and television remote control… he prefers to be the sole pet who gets to rest his head in your lap…. Sweetie Pie’s favorite activities include leashed walks around town, car rides to Dairy Queen for a pup cup, and audibly sleeping at your feet while you scroll your way through Instagram, with him as your account’s subject, no other account will compare!

Please call the Animal Adoption Center at 307-739-1881 for more info on adopting Sweetie Pibbie Pie!

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