Pet of the Week: Meet four sweet kittens

How can we choose just one Pet of the Week when all four of these kittens explorers are equally as cute as they are available! Meet Darla, Danny, Darby, and Denny. These four were found to fend for themselves in a dumpster. Luckily for them, someone found them, took them to the shelter, and some dedicated kitten queens stepped up to foster them to ensure they grew into the healthy and happy kittens they are meow! A huge thank you to the staff of J/TC Shelter and a few kitten foster mamas, these four are going to live the good life because of your care. Call the J/TC Shelter at 307-733-2139 to go exploring with these kittens.

Community Partner:

PAWS of Jackson Hole

PAWS of Jackson Hole’s mission is to serve as a community resource to prevent pet homelessness, to protect pets from harm and suffering, and to promote responsible ownership

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