Pet of the Week: Meet Clive

Meet the longest meowing cat resident of the Teton Valley Community Animal Shelter CLIVE! Clive’s motto is “you can have anything you want if you dress for it.” The 24/7 tuxedo-donning Clive dreams of a life of parties, class, and sass outside of the shelter. He promises to keep himself well kept, well mannered, while always taking on the roll of the life your (house) party.

Call 208-354-3499 to see if you jive with Clive!

WINTER DOG PARK DISCLAIMER: It is YOUR responsibility to keep it clean. SCOOP THE POOP and pick up an extra please!

Community Partner:

PAWS of Jackson Hole

PAWS of Jackson Hole’s mission is to serve as a community resource to prevent pet homelessness, to protect pets from harm and suffering, and to promote responsible ownership

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