JACKSON, Wyo. — In the state of Wyoming, people with disabilities experience an unemployment rate of nearly 52% compared to a 3% unemployment rate for the remainder of the state’s population. Consider for a moment that more than half of the disabled population of the state is unable to find work.

This is even more of a challenge for people in rural communities, like ours in Teton County, searching for consistent and meaningful employment. At Cultivate Ability, we realize the essential contributions of this underserved population and have developed disability-inclusion programming, training and outreach initiatives that focus intently on empowering employers to create innovative and resilient workplaces for all of their employees.

Thanks to broad local, regional and national support and groundbreaking opportunities like Old Bill’s, Cultivate Ability has been able to launch initiatives such as their 2021 Disability Inclusion Employee Survey and the Next Steps program.

This robust support has also helped initiate critical partnerships with other organizations both near and far such as Disability: IN Uinta County; empowering employers across the state and the greater Intermountain West to more readily meet the needs of our diverse workforce.  

2021 was a year of milestones for Cultivate Ability and 2022 is shaping up to be an even more monumental year. Last year, Cultivate Ability served over 350 individuals, businesses and organizations through their trainings, webinars and other key programs. In 2022, these programs have expanded their reach by nearly 75%, and are on course to serve over 600 people! 

As we look ahead to October and National Disability Employment Awareness Month, officially recognized in 2021 by the Town and County, we ask for your support.

In choosing to donate to Cultivate Ability through the 2022 Old Bill’s Fun Run, you demonstrate a commitment to helping build a more resilient, responsive and accommodating work environment for employees with disabilities, and, in turn, everyone across our great community. 

Donate to Cultivate Ability through the 2022 Old Bill’s Fun Run by Sept. 16 here and your donation will be matched!