Officer presented with Medal of Bravery for heroism in hotel fire

JACKSON, Wyo. — Officer Justin Lancaster was presented with the Medal of Bravery at the Jackson Town Council meeting on Tuesday, February 18.

The commendation stems from an incident on November 18, 2019 when Officer Lancaster responded to a late-night fire at the Rusty Parrot Lodge.

Lancaster arrived at the scene ahead of fire and rescue crews, observed that one wall was completely engulfed in flames and notified dispatch that he would proceed with evacuation measures. To expedite his search, Lancaster obtained a guest list for the hotel and systematically began evacuating guests from the first two floors.

When Lancaster reached the third floor, which was rapidly being consumed with fire and filled with thick smoke, he disregarded his personal safety and crawled through the smoke to the last room on the list which was directly next to the fire.

Officer Lancaster found the last guest asleep in his room. This guest would have surely perished in the fire if Officer Lancaster had not found him and successfully guided him from the building.

This Medal of Bravery is bestowed upon a Jackson Police Officer by the Chief of Police when an extraordinary act of bravery occurs. This exceptional act of courage in the face danger and injury, plus the selflessness of Lancaster by putting the safety of others above his own, is truly commendable.

Justin Lancaster joined the force in January 2018.

Officer Lancaster has proclamation read by Mayor Pete Muldoon at the town council meeting Tuesday night. Photo: Town of Jackson

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